Alexandra Cottages

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Race for Life

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Lisa, Olive & Little Olly from Edward Road

Lisa, Olive & Little Olly from Edward Road.

We would like to thank everyone for their generous support and kindness.
We are very proud to say we completed the 5K course in one hour and have raised £467.00 for Cancer Research UK.

Thank you everyone

Franco and Adrian

Congratulations to Adrian & Franco from Victor Road for winning First Prize in the back garden category.

On Saturday 2nd January 2010 a number of residents starred in “Lady Bountiful’s Drawing Room Drama” Murder Mystery.

The event was well attended by about 100 residents and friends who tried to solve the mystery

The afternoon started with the projection of the video introductions to each character, followed by a live play in which – as expected! – a murder took place.

The inspector then proceeded to interrogate all the characters:

The audience was asked to guess the murderer by playing with the clues set out as a logic puzzle, while enjoying mulled wine, mince pies and cake slices:

The explanation – aided by a Powerpoint presentation – left many shocked faces, including the murderer and the entire cast! (the solution had been kept under wraps)

Congratulation to Ellie, Victor Road who was the only person that didn’t fall in the trap and correctly guessed the culprit!
She won a murder mystery game.

Many thanks to the wonderful and talented cast: Peter and Samira, Rita and James, Neil and Carrie, Anna and Joel (all from Albert Road); David from Victor Road and to two non-residents: Sharon from Parish Lane and David from… Cardiff!

A big thank you also to Adrian (organiser and props), Lynne (filming), Miranda (filming and editing), Jackie (refreshments), Martin (raffle), Franco (plot and play).

We are very grateful for the Grassroots and Capital Community Foundation Grants which subsidised the event.

We are delighted to have received a Gold in the “Most Interesting Residential/Communal Area” category

Lynne collecting the certificate at the Penge in Bloom 2009 Awards Ceremony on behalf of the ARA

We are delighted to have received Silver in the “Best Amateur Horticultural Contribution to an Outdoor Residential Area” category.

Here are some pictures of children’s tea parties from ca. 1964, kindly supplied by Brian, Victor Road.

We would be interested to know who the children are: please get in touch if it is you or you who recognise them.

Here are a few pictures from the mid 1960s, reproduced from photographs kindly loaned by George, Victor Road (and scanned by Shirley, Victor Road).

The Alexandra Residents’ Association’s Committee in the mid 60s. George is the first from the left in the back row.

Another committee.

A tea party at the Holy Trinity Church Hall (that was located on this side of Lennard Road, where the flats are now).

Serving the children are Buster from Edward Road, and George’s late wife Eileen.

The Moore Family (Edward Road) very kindly sent us some photos of a Christmas celebration (1973 or 1974).