Alexandra Cottages

In the heart of Penge, SE20

I have a classic brass candelabra light fitting and two matching wall lights to give away – with white frosted glass lamp shades.  Feel free to drop round if you would like a look , 40 Albert Road.

[email protected]

On Friday 17th September, Adrian (Victor Rd) collected the Penge in Bloom 2010 Certificate on behalf of the ARA

from our MP, Jim Dowd, at a joint Penge Festival/Penge in Bloom ceremony at the Conservative Club

Message from Andy, 141 Victor Road

I’m clearing out my shed and have a lot of stuff I want to give away. Includes some tools, wood off cuts, wall mirror, steel box with lock (ex railway pre nationalisation I think), suitcase, roof felt off cut. Lots of small bits and pieces that would probably be skipped or off-loaded at a charity shop. Email me and you can come and have a rummage.

Please contact Andy at [email protected]

Many congratulations to Peter, Albert Rd, for winning Silver in the “Best Back Garden” category

(Peter collecting the award from our MP, Jim Dowd)

and to Adrian and Franco, Victor Rd, for winning Gold in the “Most inspired themed garden” category.

Don Dore

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Don passed away on the 20th August aged 89 .
He had lived at 113 Victor Road for some 25 years. He had suffered from Parkinson’s
disease for several years.

We offer our sympathy to his family and friends.

Eddie Homewood

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Shirley would like to thank everyone who sent messages of support following the death of Eddie on the 30th June, aged 89.

Eddie loved living on this estate and used to meet and talk to people when he went for his paper each morning.
For the last year due to failing health he had relied on, and greatly appreciated, the help of Frank Jackson who kindly delivered his paper every morning.

We have been informed that

the Alexandra Cottages Conservation Area has once again been awarded Gold in the “Most Interesting Residential/Community Area” category in this year’s “Penge in Bloom” gardening competition.

Well done to all residents!

Please contact Adrian at no. 108 or here for further info


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Dear Neighbourhood Watch friend,

Smartwater signNeighbourhood Watch are working closely with the Police to make Alexandra Cottages a ‘Smartwater’ area.

‘Smartwater’ is a forensic liquid that is invisible to the naked eye only showing up under ultraviolet light.

It has its own unique forensic code which is uniquely associated to your address: this code is never made more than once.

Smartwater works under ultraviolet light

This code is then registered along with your details on a secure offline database that is maintained to the highest international standard of IS027001.

Should any of your stolen property be recovered forensic scientists analyse the smartwater traces and check the code against the database which will lead straight back to you.

... and to small items like jewelleryAn independent evaluation of smartwater the study showed that smartwater was more effective than CCTV, security guards and even high-visibility police patrols.

It also showed that 74% of criminals would abandon their plans to break in completely if they saw a smartwater label displayed.

You can apply Smartwater to most items

This product normally costs around £60 with an annual service charge. BUT ‘Smartwater’ are offering to do it for Alexandra Cottages for £18 (including VAT) and no annual service charge

For more information please go to
If you are interested in buying a pack, contact Lynne.

The Bigger Picture Gallery in Crystal Palace is hosting a Summer Exhibition of works from local artists, including some ARA members!

It is open until the end of August 2010