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Here are a few pictures (thank you Shirley) of the small street party held on Victor Road on the afternoon of the Royal Wedding on David and Jill’s, and Shirley’s shared drive.

On Sunday June 5th we will be holding our fourth Open Gardens event.
We hope that all our enthusiastic gardeners are already making plans to open their gardens and we look forward to hearing from you.

We hope that 15 back gardens will be open on the estate during a four hour period from 2 pm.

    Each household

can purchase a ticket for £3 to visit any of the gardens that are on the “open” list.
The ticket can also be used by friends and family.

There will be a raffle, a plant stall and hopefully we will continue into the evening if a suitable venue can be found.

We need to know by the end of April if you are willing to open your garden so that the list can be compiled and the tickets printed.

Please let us know if your garden has any special features, is a particular type or has plants of particular interest so that details can be included in the programme.

Please contact Shirley, 131 Victor Road (020 8778 9422) or us here if you are willing to open your garden or if you need any further details.

Dear Neighbours and Friends,


Our Aim is to celebrate and raise the profile of our lovely Estate and surroundings, by producing excellent quality, reasonably priced cards for all occasions, the profits of which can help the finances of the Association and contribute to local charities.
The 5”x7”cards will include an envelope and be individually wrapped.

We are therefore asking YOU for your photographs and artwork for the following categories:

  • Historical Photographs
  • Photographs and Illustrations suitable for any Festive Occasions
  • The Four Seasons – the Estate through the year !
  • Paintings & Drawings for All Ages !

Please ensure all images include an element of the Alexandra Cottages

Please email your artwork/photo to Adrian and Patricia here (or contact us for any further information), or drop it off at 15 Hardings Lane or 108 Victor Road.


Many thanks to Miranda for the lovely photos of our second Murder Mystery play.

You can find them all in the Events Photograph page.

The next Community Gardening Club gathering will be on Sunday 13th February from 11.00am to 12.00pm.

If you’d like to get involved, please come to the shed at 11.00am.

February is a good month for planting roses, so why not come along and learn about the best way to do this.

If you would be willing to sponsor a rose to be planted in the Edward Road Victorian Cottage Rose Garden – near the garages – please drop your contribution in an envelope into the mailbox at 40 Albert Road.

We will also be planting ivy to help create a living screen in front of the grot spot behind the fence near the bridge on Bycroft Street.

We could do with some extra pairs of hands so hope to see you there!

Based very loosely on the TV programme of a similar name !

The Alexandra Residents’ Association invites couples and singles to join us over the next couple of months in a light-hearted (or as competitive as you like) dining event and get to know your neighbours, whilst raising some money for charity.

Parties of 6 people will be drawn randomly for dinner/lunch get-togethers.

The host(s) provide the food and each guest is asked to donate £5 for local charities.

Please return completed slips (from the flyer that has been delivered to all residents) to Adrian by 1st February to be included in this exciting social event.

For more details (or to take part) please contact Adrian here.

Our second light-hearted Murder Mystery on Saturday 8th January was a great success!
About 120 residents and guests filled the church hall to watch the latest antics of Lady Bountiful and her friends and enemies in “”Lucille’s Seaside Spot Of Bother”.

Unfortunately this time is was poor Mr Pablo Bizarro and his wife Mrs Lucille Bizarro née Grosvenor that came to a sticky end. Or did they? (The Butler might have got it wrong).

The Murder Mystery was set at a seaside hotel during the Second World War and featured a show within the show, which gave the audience the opportunity to sing along to some favourite wartime tunes and watch some magic being performed!

We don’t have the photo that our official photographer took yet, but there are a quite few of the cast in the Events Photograph page.

On Sunday 16th January from 11.00am to 12.00pm you are invited to join in a spot of Community Gardening.

Meet up at the shed and bring your gardening gloves a shovel and secateurs. Drinks and nibbles will be provided to all volunteers ready to help us realise our dreams for neglected spaces on and and around the estate.

Whether you are two or 102 we would love to see you there. There are raised beds to care for if your back can’t handle much bending.

We will also be bringing along copies of the draft planting plans and would welcome your thoughts and suggestions.
We currently hope to create a rose garden, woodland garden, wild grassland area, wild woodland area and alley of flowers – put it in your diary and help make this happen!

Please contact Adrian, for any queries/further information.

Please contact us here, for any queries/further information.