Alexandra Cottages

In the heart of Penge, SE20

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“Outstanding” in the “Neighbourhood 0-300 household” category.

The judges commented:

A delightful entry.
The local committee have continued to maintain high standards and have organised a numbers of community events some involving children. They are currently in negotiations with the Council to replace the modern street lighting with something more appropriate to the ‘Victorian’ style cottage estate.
Most of the front gardens are eye-catching – but some residents need to be encouraged to do more and so enhance the area further.

(video by Lynne, Edward Rd)

In 2009 the Open Gardens event raised money for two charities

These are the letters of thanks from the 2 associations that received £50 each, raised at the Open Gardens event:

We are delighted to have received a Silver in the “Most Interesting Residential/Communal Area” category

Shirley collecting the certificate at the Penge in Bloom 2008 Awards Ceremony from Councillor John Getgood
(picture courtesy of Penge Festival)

Silver in the “Most Interesting Residential or Communal Area” category.

We are proud to have been awarded an “Outstanding Achievement” in the “Neighbourhood 0-300 household” category.

This is the marking sheet with the judges’ comments:

(video by Andy, Victor Rd.)

In fondest memory of Liz Bradford, late of Victor Road , who loved her dogs and garden. She loved life and her untimely death in 2008 was a loss to all her friends.