Our first “A taste of the cottages” event was heralded a huge success by all who took part, hosts and visitors alike.

For those who couldn’t make it, this is a taster of what was on offer:

Jessica & Matthew: “Freshly baked home made sourdough and other breads with sweet and savoury dips”

Lynne joined by Miranda:  “It’s simply a Honey-Fest, Darling !”

Jill & David: David introduces you to a spicy Italian and Jill presents a Victorian trifle.

Linda & Bert: Blackpool-style Corned-Beef Hash, and meat & potato Pie – “A right northern treat!”

Anna & Margaret joined by Rosa: Jams, Marmalade, Baked goods and maybe something from the Allotment !

Verena & Fabrizio: “A slice of Scottish Border’s Bannock and bite of Puglian little ears”

Jenny & Sarah: Christmas Pudding (orders taken too !) and a selection of bottled goods

Shana & Family: Exciting Sweet Treats on a biscuit base !

Jane: Vegetarian & Vegan dishes including Red Dragon Pie and Aubergine Cannelloni !

Peggy: Parkin – an Autumnal speciality…. and some surprises !

Franco & Adrian: “Some of our favourite desserts & pastries!”

Neil & Carrie with Lovell & Alex:
“A combined show of flair and artisanal brilliance, from Mr Fuller’s Patented Penge Pint, using locally grown hops and a sublime seasonal cocktail, requiring the services of Ridley’s House Of Novelties’ Bullace Gin”.

For the pictures of the event, please click on the photo below

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