Get fit for free and transform Winsford Gardens with the BTCV
Green Gym in Penge!

A free outdoor Green Gym has captured the imagination of people all over the world and now it’s heading to Penge!

BTCV’s award winning Green Gym run worldwide with over 100 community groups and 12 ‘School Green Gyms’ in the UK, as well as three projects in Australia.
Green Gyms enable people to increase their level of physical activity and improve their health whilst also improving their local environment.

The Green Gym has been endorsed by the Department of Health and the health benefits have been proven in independent evaluations by Oxford Brookes University.
Participants can burn a third more calories in a Green Gym session than in a traditional aerobic workout.

BTCV, the leading environmental charity, is working in partnership with the Glades Shopping Centre and London Borough of Bromley to launch the latest Green Gym in Penge, Bromley.

Penge Green Gym is launching on Wednesday 18th May, and will run every week thereafter from 11am to 2pm, so come along, join in and give your input about what you would like to see in Winsford Gardens!

The Green Gym will transform Winsford Gardens, whilst providing a unique and free opportunity for the community to regularly meet and learn new skills together.
Each session will feature a gentle warm up and cool down and is suitable for all abilities – you simply take the outdoor volunteering session at your own pace.

Winsford Gardens, former gardens of Winsford House, is full of historic features that will be brought back to life, and new developments will ensure that the gardens offer much more for both the local community and wildlife.

This is a great opportunity for the community to get involved and to take the lead in transforming the gardens through growing their own food, gardening and wildlife conservation projects.

BTCV Green Gym sessions are FREE and open to all volunteers, regardless of experience or levels of fitness.
A variety of activities will allow volunteers to rotate between tasks, try out different tools and work at their own pace.

Experienced leaders will start and finish each session with a few minutes of gentle warm-up exercises and cool-down stretches to get muscles warmed up and reduce the risk of injury.
The well earned break half way through the session is a chance to socialise with like-minded people, enjoy a hot drink and refuel with a banana.

Winsford Gardens are located on Garden Road, off Croydon Road.

For more information please visit the BTCV website or contact:
Lizzy Johnson, Project Officer
tel. 020 7278 4294, 07740899689
email. [email protected]