Dear Neighbourhood Watch friend,

Smartwater signNeighbourhood Watch are working closely with the Police to make Alexandra Cottages a ‘Smartwater’ area.

‘Smartwater’ is a forensic liquid that is invisible to the naked eye only showing up under ultraviolet light.

It has its own unique forensic code which is uniquely associated to your address: this code is never made more than once.

Smartwater works under ultraviolet light

This code is then registered along with your details on a secure offline database that is maintained to the highest international standard of IS027001.

Should any of your stolen property be recovered forensic scientists analyse the smartwater traces and check the code against the database which will lead straight back to you.

... and to small items like jewelleryAn independent evaluation of smartwater the study showed that smartwater was more effective than CCTV, security guards and even high-visibility police patrols.

It also showed that 74% of criminals would abandon their plans to break in completely if they saw a smartwater label displayed.

You can apply Smartwater to most items

This product normally costs around £60 with an annual service charge. BUT ‘Smartwater’ are offering to do it for Alexandra Cottages for £18 (including VAT) and no annual service charge

For more information please go to
If you are interested in buying a pack, contact Lynne.