If you do see anything suspicious, do please report it to the police. Reported incidents are included in crime statistics, resulting in more offices dedicated to our Estate.

These are the contact numbers and email addresses for our Safer Neighbourhood Team:

  • 101 non-emergencies
  • 999 emergencies – always
  • Police station: 020 8649 3541
  • Mobile phone: 07843 065 880

Safer Neighbourhood team email: [email protected]

Website: Penge and Cator Safer Neighbourhoods team
Herewith names of the Penge & Cator Ward police officers that cover the Alexandra Estate:
P Sgt Robert Godwin
PC Pete Williams
PC Dean Palmer
PC Tanya Isted
PC Nicholas Donaldson
PC Laurence Dight
PCSO Julie Pope
PCSO Victor Tuley