A big thank-you to all the residents who opened their gardens yesterday and to all those who purchased tickets.
We sold 29 tickets making £87 for ARA. 17 tickets were given free to those who opened their gardens.

The raffle was rather slow but in the end made £37 for the Living Well/Food Bank projects at Holy Trinity Church.
A big thank you to all those who supported the raffle by either giving prizes or buying tickets.
There are several prizes unclaimed; the winning tickets are as follows:

667 Bottle of Cockburn’s Port
712 Bottle of white wine
718 Bottle of Absinthe
731 Alan Titchmarsh Garden Radio
773 Set of covered hangers

Please contact Shirley at 131 Victor Road or ring 020 8778 9422 if you have one of the winning tickets.

Thank you everyone for such a great day.