In March we held a “Grand Finale” afternoon of canape-gorgeousness as a culmination of the “Come Dine With Us” event, giving all the participants who could attend a chance to meet and reminisce about the wonderful culinary delights that had been sampled over the previous months.
Some held dinners, others hosted lunches, and all three groups thoroughly enjoyed getting to know their neighbours a little better and enjoying a very social few hours together.
Along the way the idea of scoring was abandoned….just as well as everyone was getting full marks !


At the same time a total of £ 155.00 was collected and has been donated the the Candle Project at St Christopher’s – a big “thank you” to everyone.

“Come Dine With Us” commenced in early 2011, and was based very loosely on the TV programme of a similar name !The Alexandra Residents’ Association invited couples and singles to join up for a light-hearted (or possibly competitive) dining event with a chance, whilst raising some money for charity.























Parties of 6 people were drawn randomly for dinner/lunch get-togethers, the host(s) provided the food and each guest is asked to donate £5 per meal.

The menus are a gastronomic dream, and could well be made into a delightful recipe book. Here they are: